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My Published Projects

     Research over the past 25 years has brought me much success.  I have found many treasures that tell about "Who I Am" and "Where I Come From."  I have discovered that truly, the apple does not fall too far from the tree.  I owe a great debt of gratitude to my ancestors.  I have recognized many traits and ambitions which they have passed on to me.
     I feel an obligation to preserve this legacy for my poserity so they will not have to search for it has I have had.  I have been publishing storybooks to perserve our history and photos since 2007.  I design them myself and they short enough to hold interest from cover to cover.
    As I have shared these storybooks with friends, many have asked to be able to have access to them.  I am happy to see others finding value in them....but I am most happy to see others create storybooks for their own families and future posterity.

Three of my most popular storybooks are linked below.  Please allow time to load, and then you may use the magnify options to read them online. 



 Women of Strength: Seven Generations 
(Heritage Makers pre-designed template)


Brought Home by a Story: How Family History Changed My Life